We’re sorry to say that in line with the majority of other dance event organisers we have no option but to cancel this event, Utopia at Twickenham on 20th March, with regard to public safety.


As you will see from many other dance organisers, this is a tough decision to make. On the one hand many of our lively hoods are dependent on income from our events and regular classes but our concerns for our dancers and the dance community as a whole has to take priority. On the other, we supply a service that many appreciate and look forward to but even though there are dancers that still want to maintain their commitment to the dance venues they regularly attend, which is of course appreciated, we all now need to look toward the greater good.


It’s still difficult to know just how serious this virus outbreak is as there are many conflicting reports, and this compounded further by our own government’s reluctance to take any significant action to curb it. But there is no doubt that within certain age groups and categories it is deadly. We all have family and friends that are therefore susceptible and given the length of the incubation period, the speed of transition and the close proximity of dancing we all have no other choice.


Needless to say this means all future Utopia events will be also be put on hold until such time as there is a clear directive or advice to the contrary.


In the meantime stay safe and we wish you and your loved ones all the best. We’ll be in touch again with updates as and when things change. For all those that have already booked tickets for this event we’ll simply roll them over to the next event as and when we reopen. If however, you would like a refund, please contact Val via the website contact page HERE and she’ll organise it for you.  


Val, David and Vince


Fri 16 October 2020 -Utopia • 8.30pm - 1am • The Winning Post • Twickenham


Fri 13 November 2020 -Utopia • 8.30pm - 1am • The Winning Post • Twickenham

Sat 28 December 2020 - Black Ball • 7.30pm - 1am• Pavilion • Bournemouth

Fri 11 December 2020 - Yuletopia • 8pm - 1am • The Winning Post • Twickenham

Tue 24 December 2020 - Christmas Eve Party • 8pm - midnight• Fieldgate Centre • Kingsclere

Sat 9 January 2021 - Heaven & Hell • 8pm - 1am • The Winning Post • Twickenham

Sat 30 January 2021 - Colossus • 8pm - 2am • Colosseum • Watford

LUX INFINITY virtual weekender 4th - 6th September