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The music played at UTOPIA events is one of the primary reasons why dancers come back month after month. Over the last 14 years UTOPIA has gained an enviable reputation for breaking some of the best new music around. We do this by working on a regular basis with a host of DJs that are recognized on the dance scene as being the leaders in their field. Each music set is therefore carefully crafted to mix hot new tracks seamlessly with Utopia favourites as well as other familiar tracks of the moment.

Our aim is to tailor the evenings to fit as closely as possible to the profile of the people attending whilst still challenging them and always trying to offer something new and exciting. The emphasis is on tracks that have a definite groove, irrespective of musical genre. The criteria is to pick music that has musical structures that are interesting to dance to as well as having hooks and melodies that make you want to get up and dance. This is a common feature across all Utopia events; our aim is to simply choose the very best representation of a musical style that we can find and to also find music that helps dancers to incorporate the ideal of musicality in their dancing. Of course music is subjective and one person’s preference may not be another’s, and we do understand this, which is why our music is as varied as it can be given the fact that it is also the DJ’s job to play to the floor.

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