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Why can't I make a booking - it says 'on hold'?

As all our events are gender balanced booking options are limited for some categories. This will mostly apply to solo lady bookings (as these tend to sell out quickly) but can sometimes also apply to solo guy and gender balanced couple bookings too. On this basis if you link to the booking page and it says that you're preferred booking option is 'on hold' it will be because we have reached our current limit for that category. This can change as we lead into the few days before an event so please do check back. However, most updates regarding bookings are generally posted on our Facebook page HERE and group HERE so they are good places to check for changes as well as posting for a booking partner if you're a solo lady.

After I make a booking do I get a ticket?

No, sending out physical tickets not only adds expense and administration it can also lead to delays and lost tickets. On this basis when you make a booking your name is added to our door list to be checked on entry. After making a booking you should receive a booking confirmation. There is generally no need to bring this with you but it's good practice do to so in case there are any problems with your booking.


I don't seem to have received a booking confirmation?

Booking confirmations are sent out by our system for all purchases. However, sometimes they get diverted to your spam folder (so check there first) and sometimes they are deleted by your email manager without you seeing them - this is more often the case with Hotmail and Yahoo accounts. The general rule is that if money has been taken from your account, then your booking is confirmed. If you are in any doubt please do contact us via our contact page HERE and we'll look into it for you.

Do you buy unwanted bookings/tickets back?

Sorry, no. No major event organiser buys tickets back from people who have bought a ticket and who then for whatever reason cannot make the event. However, as many of our events sell out there's a good chance that you can sell your ticket to someone else by putting a message on our Facebook page HERE and group HERE.

What happens if I sell my booking/ticket to someone else?

Whilst you are at liberty to sell your booking/ticket on to someone else it remains your responsibility to organise payment of that ticket with the person(s) concerned back to you - and it also remains your responsibility to inform us of the change of name(s) to assure they change is noted on our door entry system. For any changes to your booking you must therefore let us know the details via our contact page HERE.

As solo lady spaces sell out quickly how do I know when tickets first go on sale?

All subscribers to our website generally receive regular emails from us informing them of up and coming events and when bookings open. If you would like to be added to our email notification list simply complete the subscription form that is shown at the bottom of every page on this website.

Where can I see details of all your up and coming events?

On our Events page HERE

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