Our main aim in creating the UTOPIA experience is to encourage more dancers into the Chill-Out/Blues dance environment. This can often be a daunting prospect for anyone on the periphery, which is why we also run regular UTOPIA Academy workshops and classes to help build confidence.


Workshops are updated on a regular basis and, in addition, many of our freestyle events commence with a specialist dance class. This program of teaching has recently been enhanced by the SILC format introduced in 2015. This style of dance is based on technique and connection. As such it fits perfectly into the format of our events and the music we play.

Upcoming Utopia Academy workshops:

Smooth Links Workshop - 29th October 2022

This workshop takes place at the Fieldgate Centre, Kingsclere, RG20 5SQ, and preceded the evening Twisted Freestyle. The purpose of this workshop is to teach you how to fuse and link movements seamlessly for one long limitless sequence. Learning this technique will make your dance style original to you and smooth out your style. There is a strong focus on slotting, since a clear lead is required by your partner to be able to follow the blocks and changes instantaneously. What you will learn on this day will suit the Main Room, Utopia or SILC room and will help take your dancing to another level.


There are also numerous workshops to choose from including Blues and SILC at the forthcoming LUX WEEKEND on 28th-29th August. More info HERE