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3rd February


Upcoming Events 
All our events for the rest of the year, and including early 2024, are detailed on our event page HERE

Christmas Eve Freestyle - 24th December - Bookings Open - Event info HERE

Heaven & Hell - 6th January - Bookings Open - Event info HERE

TWISTED - 3rd February - Bookings Open - Event info HERE

SMOOTH LINKS WORKSHOP 3rd February - Bookings Open - Event info HERE

UTOPIA - 9th February - Bookings Open on 2nd January

UTOPIA and ULEZ - from the 29th August 2023 Twickenham will be part of the expanded ULEZ zone. 
This may affect you if you are traveling into the zone and your car does not comply with the emission standards - you can check your car's status quickly and easily on the TFL website HERE

We naturally have no idea how many dancers this will affect but want to make sure all our dancers are aware of the change. Many dancers travel into the event from out of the area, so may not be aware of how it may affect them. To try and help people understand this we have set up a new Facebook Group that gives you all the information you need, and also allows you to post requests for car shares.

Please note that this is a private  Facebook group and we have

set it up  this  way  so that we can do our best to qualify all the

members who participate. If you have not had an invite to join

the new group yet please do  request to join and we'll add you

as soon as we can. You can access the new group by clicking

the 'ULEZ help' image.

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