8th October 2021


UTOPIA is back!

After a very long wait,  UTOPIA opened its doors to a very happy crowd of dancers on 10th September. We had asked everyone to take a lateral flow test prior to arriving at the venue to minimise the risk of transmisson and to our knowledge no-one is showing symptoms or feeling poorly right now. Obviously the choice to return to dancing remains with you and you must only return when you feel happy and confident to do so.

Bookings for the next event on the 8th October are now open and we look forward to another evening of mind, body, soul and dance!

Until further notice we continue to ask you to lateral flow test prior to dancing at any of our events and stay at home if you are feeling unwell or test positive.


Details on our Covid policy in the FAQs on our Contact page HERE.

Until 'post-lockdown' confidence has been regained, we will be capping numbers to allow for a little more space and UTOPIA will continue to be, as much as possible, a gender balanced event.