Our main aim in creating the UTOPIA experience is to encourage more dancers into the Chill-Out/Blues dance environment. This can often be a daunting prospect for anyone on the periphery, which is why we also run regular UTOPIA Academy workshops and classes to help build confidence.


Workshops are updated on a regular basis and, in addition, many of our freestyle events commence with a specialist dance class. This program of teaching has recently been enhanced by the SILC format introduced in 2015. This style of dance is based on technique and connection. As such it fits perfectly into the format of our events and the music we play.

Workshops at Colossus Saturday 25th January 2020


Colossus has been Utopia's jewel in the crown for 11 years now. Selling out every year since it was first introduced with 650 dancers enjoying the amazing atmosphere created at the stunning Watford Colosseum. But it's also home to the Utopia Academy that has gained an enviable reputation over the years for hosting a selection of stand out workshops and masterclasses taught by many of the best teachers in the UK - and this year is no different!

There will be a choice of 4 workshops throughout the afternoon that have been designed to inspire and to progress your dancing. You can choose to attend 1 or 2 workshops on the day either just as a day visitor or added to a combination package that includes the evening freestyle too.

£20 1 Workshop Only / £30 1 Workshop plus Freestyle / £35 2 Workshops Only / £45 2 Workshops plus Freestyle. See below for workshop descriptions.

12.30pm - 2.30pm

Kieran & Charlie - SILC Developmental









As the SILC room gets busier and busier with people smoothing out and funking up their dancing, more dancers flock to learn what's new.

So... hot off the press.....

In this workshop Kieran and Charlie teach the latest concepts and techniques to keep your SILC room repertoire and style fresh and original.

NB: you need to be a competent dancer in the SILC zone to do this workshop.

12.30pm - 2.30pm & 3pm - 5pm

Marc & Rachel - 2 Progressive Blues Workshops

Blues 1 (Stretch & Frame) & Blues 2 (Let the Music Lead You)







Blues 1 (Stretch & Frame)

At the heart of Blues is connection. It's subtle, but critical.

This workshop with Marc & Rachel will help you create seamless connection using stretch and frame that will also add beautiful style, shape and body lines.


Blues 2 (Let the Music Lead You)


Taking the techniques from the earlier workshop, this next workshop focuses on the music. Blues dancing, because of its speed, can leave you 'exposed'. This class keeps the movements simple, but works with timing, breaks, stops and interpretation. You can keep it simple, but add originality by letting the music lead you.

3pm - 5pm

Val & David - Super Smooth Links







Seamlessly fuse movements together incorporating familiar moves, a little footwork and clever links. There are certain positions that feature frequently in Ceroc which gives freedom to expand moves, creating original repertoires and promoting a beautifully smooth look.

Leaders, you have to think ahead. Followers, expect to be blocked, stopped and redirected regularly, so don't pre-empt.

The routine taught in this workshop will suit the Main Room or SILC Room and will develop your lead and follow technique in general.

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Please note that in making a booking via this website you are accepting our terms and conditions as detailed HERE.